Preparation Before Selling

Preparation before selling
01-11-2017 |
When deciding on selling your property it's important to ensure that you are giving your property the best chance to reach its full potential. It's important to give your property a once over before putting it on the market. Remember your home is on show.

Here are some tips on how to maximise the effectiveness of your home's presentation:

Less is More!
Rooms look smaller when they're crowded. Clear out anything that's not needed to create a feeling of more space. Don't forget the cupboards - keep them neat and not too full. This creates a perception that your home has plenty of storage space. Consider hiring some storage space to get rid of any clutter.

Minor repairs can make a big difference.
Any sticking doors, loose door knobs, dripping taps, burnt out bulbs, peeling and cracked paint, may leave a negative thought on the potential buyers.

A fresh coat of paint is an excellent idea as it will certainly brighten up the property and make it more appealing. Stick to Neutral tones as it will appeal to as wide a market as possible. You can add "movable colour" through furniture, artwork and accessories.

If you have an idea in mind on how you want your house to look but don't have the furniture for it, you may want to hire some furniture to create the look that you are after.

Tidy up the yard, front and back. Remove any weeds and dead or dying bushes, put down some new mulch. Mow the lawn, do the edges and if you discover you’ve got more dirt than grass, consider laying down some new turf. It’s hard to beat a lush green lawn for improving your street appeal.

Give your property the once over.
Houses for sale need to be spotlessly clean inside and out and kept that way. A clean house give the message to buyers that the house is well maintained and a breeze to maintain. This includes making sure windows are clean inside & out. You will be amazed on how many people over see this and it's surprising on the difference it makes with a lot more light coming in. Remove any cobwebs inside and out. Keep counter tops as clear as possible. If you have any pets ensure that you have cleaned up after them and take them out of the property when people are viewing your home.

Make them Comfortable.
On cold days, a warm, comfortably heated home adds a feeling of coziness. On a hot day, don't forget to turn on the air conditioner, fan, or simply let the breeze flow through.
Adding greenery and flowers inside the home will make your place look and feel more appealing to potential buyers. You may like to set the dining table and turn on the coffee percolator on to give your property a homely atmosphere.