Small space decorating ideas

The task of decorating said small space can be a challenge. However, here are a few décor ideas for small spaces.

If you have a small combined kitchen and lounge room, place a rug on the floor in the sitting area to delineate it from the dining area. And don’t fall into the trap of having to use all white walls and tiny furniture; a room full of small items will make the room seem smaller. It’s best to select furniture that is normal in size, but has a low profile so as not to interrupt the line of sight around the room. Screens or hanging curtains to create new spaces also work well.


One of the best ways to enhance a space is by the use of wall sconces. If a room is not only small in size, but also low in ceiling height, using a wall sconce that reflects light both up and down the wall will make the room seem grander in size.

When designing and styling for small spaces, my number one tip would be to accentuate light into the room. The addition of a mirror is one of the most cost-effective ways to make a room appear large.