Easy rental bathroom decorating ideas

The bathroom is the focal point of our morning routine – where we slowly shed the foggy husk of sleep, and carefully slip into our public personas.

Buy a simple bath mat:

 Adding a simple bath mat from the likes of Kmart or IKEA into your bathroom serves a few functions: It hides daggy floor tiles, injects a welcome dose of personality, and keeps your feet warm in winter.


Adding funky bathroom accessories is the simplest way to personalise a bathroom – or any room, for that matter. From towels and soap dispensers to toothbrush holders and storage solutions to hold all your bathroom essentials, there are such cool options for bathroom accessories these days – and the best bit is, they’re affordable!

Pick up some wicker baskets:

Nothing says sophistication quite like contrasting textures, which is why you should consider using rattan or wicker baskets as rubbish bins, storage solutions or ways to display plants.