How to style your home so it feels like a holiday

Like all good things, holidays must come to an end. But that’s not to say the spirit of the trip can’t live on. With that in mind, here are a few steps to style your home so it feels like a holiday.

Add texture:

It can be as simple as adding a linen throw to your bed, or using rattan trays in your styling. Later, if you’re feeling adventurous, add timber panelling to your walls to achieve a coastal look, or use stonework to create a feature wall. It’s all about variety, because that evokes nature.

Dress up your bed:

Next, it’s time to transform your bed into a piece of art. All you need is a throw that complements your bedroom’s colour scheme and a handful of statement pillows. Dress your bed with a handful of different pillows and a plush throw that matches the colour scheme of your bedroom.

Buy a statement piece:

Unfortunately, in the world of interior design, well-intention enthusiasm all too often leads to clutter. The positive response people get when they hang up their first piece of artwork encourages them to chase that thrill again. Which is great, until the pieces start to work against one another, and the place becomes chaotic and unruly.

Add greenery:

Nothing breathes life into your interiors quite like nature – and it’s such a simple thing to do. The key thing is to keep things in proportion. If you’ve got a big living room, a palm works really well but in smaller rooms, it can literally just be a twig in some water; something like that can really finish off a room.

Add a personal touch:

This is the big one: What’s needed to transform a house into a home. It doesn’t need to be a grand statement, just something that’s associated with positive emotions and offers an avenue for mental escape. For some people, it could be the ocean, or a glittering skyline. Whatever evokes that inner happiness within you, you’ve got to have that in your space.